Environmental Engineering Institute

Director of Institute: dr. Ágnes Bálint PhD

The Environmental Engineer training at Bachelor Degree (BsC) started in 2006, and is still headed by the Environmental Engineering Institute.

Since then, the institute has consisted of general engineering, environmental and mathematics research groups - most of our instructors teach in a number of areas of expertise. We teach the fundamental courses to all environmental engineers, light industrial and industrial design engineers and engineer-assistant students, and we also engage in technical management training. Courses include: Nature and Landscape Protection, Environmental Protection, Environmental Operations and Technologies, Geoinformatics, Environmental Economics. We teach professional and special environmental knowledge to environmental engineering students. In the field of environmental engineering, we train students in light industry environmental specialization, in gradual and co-operative training. The work is supported by our electrotechnics, automation, environmental and CAD labs.

Starting from 2010, we offer a postgraduate, special vocational training: the Municipal Wastewater Management Specialist Training.

Courses in English offered by the Environmental Engineering Institute


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2018. June 06.