Product Design Institute

Director of Institute: dr. Márta Kisfaludy DLA

The Product Design Institute was founded in 2008, its popularity is demonstrated by the increasing number of candidates and the high admission scores. Building on the many decades of traditions of the faculty, the program offers three specializations: Clothing and accessories, Textile and interior, and Packaging. Within the specific technical training, the design knowledge plays an important role, together they are essential elements of creative design, development and innovative research work. In our region, more and more countries are discovering the potential of the creative industry, and applying more and more industrial product design engineers. The Product Design Institute aims to be internationally recognized and competitive in education, research and innovation. Our education is based on firm theoretical knowledge, which is developed to an integrated, practice-oriented knowledge that can accommodate students towards a variety of jobs on the labor market. 
Positions that can be filled with our degree at small, medium and large companies, range from technical design to product development, research, technology, marketing, management, expert-consultancy or professional editorial, and more. We are very proud of our students who set up and operate their own successful businesses.

Courses in English offered by the Product Design Institute


Last update: 
2018. June 06.