Rejtő Sándor Faculty of Light Industry and Environmental Engineering


The roots of training light industry specialists go back to the last decades of the nineteenth century. The direct legal predecessor of the Technical College of Light Industry was the Higher Light Industry Technical School founded in 1962. The college was founded in 1972 in Óbuda, where it started its operation at its current location. During the years the original five areas - clothing, textile, leather, printing and paper industry - were expanded by other specializations. Later these specializations merged into one major, the light industry engineer major, which included training engineers in several specializations, e.g. quality control and environmental engineering training were also started. The Technical College of Light Industry was a founding member of the association of technical colleges and Budapest Polytechnic which emerged to Obuda University in 2009.


The "Sándor Rejtő" Faculty of Light Engineering and Environmental Engineering of Obuda University is the only higher education institute in Hungary where students can receive engineer level qualification in the traditional light industry areas - e.g. clothing, packaging and printing. In order to meet the requirements of the Bologna Process and be compatible with the European Higher Education Area, the curriculum has been fundamentally revised and modernized. The specializations have been mostly renewed: the old industry-specific training has been replaced by more flexible training offering more convertible knowledge to students, in which practical knowledge kept its importance, e.g. the summer internship at companies remained mandatory. The faculty started environmental engineer training in 2004, and Industrial product and design engineer training in 2008. Since 2009 the light industry engineering program has been offering MSc level qualification. Today about 80 employees of the faculty provide education for about 1200 fulltime and part-time students on the academic programs of light industry engineering, industrial product design engineering and environmental engineering.

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2018. June 06.